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A Church Family for Everyone

Looking for a church where you feel at home in the congregation of fellow believers? You’ve come to the right place.

Reaching the Community for Christ

Homestead Church serving the communities of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a spirit-filled church with a full-gospel ministry. We attend to the spiritual—as well as the physical—needs of people living in the Pittsburg area.


Hope in the Darkest of Times 

The church is in the middle of its humble beginning as a Zoom Ministry. With this season of COVID mitigation in the State of Pennsylvania, Homestead Church, in the short term, will use technology to reach the community for Christ. However, when we come out on the other side of this pandemic, we will worship traditionally and be face to face.

“Not Forsaking the Assembling of ourselves together.”

- Hebrews 12:25

Our Humble Beginnings

Homestead Church in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania is the continuation of the vision of Rev. H.G. McClure, Senior Pastor of Homestead Missionary Baptist Church located in Los Angeles, CA in 1954. The church was established to meet the spiritual needs of the folks living in Southcentral Los Angeles.

In an ever-changing world, Homestead Church of Pittsburgh, as well as the Legacy of Homestead Missionary Baptist Church of Los Angeles, are the voices that echo Christ. We believe that the presence of Christ is important in the lives of all people, and we want people to see how His love transcends and plays a vital role in our family and culture.

About Our Senior Pastor 

Rev. Roland A. Rudd

Our Senior Pastor is the Grandson  of Our Founder The Rev. Horace G. McClure. Rev. Rudd actively promotes ACTS 1:8 and believes in the power of EVERY Believer of Christ Jesus, not only, being a Kingdom Citizen; but, an ACTIVE PARTICIPATOR IN THE BUILDING OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Rev. Rudd often says, " The occupation of every Believer in Christ is to win souls for the Kingdom". Rev. Rudd believes in the present existence and application of the Apostolic Gifts to ALL that believe - THEY WILL RECEIVE EVERY REQUISiTE ABILITY NEEDED TO FULFILL THEIR PURPOSE ON THIS SIDE OF  GLORY!

"I welcome you to this ministry. If there is any service I or Homestead Church of Pittsburgh can be to you, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us. Let the Peace of God be with you and the Blessings of God overtake you".

                    Rev. Roland A. Rudd

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